Welcome to the home page of the Ridley Park Fire Department. We provide Fire and Rescue services to the Borough of Ridley Park and neighboring communities. This website is dedicated to the hardworking firefighters, both past and present, who have given so much to make this department what it is today. We hope you find our website to be both educational and enjoyable!


We Need Members!!

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We’ve had many members move out of the area recently and we need to replace them.

No experience is necessary and we will provide all training.

Were you a firefighter in the past, but feel you can no longer do the job?

We need drivers as well and would gladly welcome your help.

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Highlights of Recent Events

These are simply highlights of recent fire calls and events.
By no means does this show all of RPFD’s activities.

Building Fire in Eddystone Borough

April 6, 2016 12:47pm

IMG_0572   IMG_0568

RPFD was dispatched into Eddystone Borough for
what was quickly confirmed as a working fire.
The crew from 07 threw ground ladders to the roof
to assess conditions there.  Company 12 made a quick knock
on the fire inside and there was no need for vertical ventilation.
After a quick overhaul, crews were able to clean up and return.
Nice job to Eddystone Fire Company!

Mulch Fire into Building Fire in Ridley Park

March 31, 2016 8:46pm

RPFD was dispatched to an automatic fire alarm at
the Jones Medical Building at Taylor Hospital.
Fireboard relayed reports of flames coming out of the building
and 07-9 upgraded to a building fire response.
Upon arrival, crews found a mulch fire and flames on the outside wall of the
Chester Pike side of the building with a heavy smoke condition inside.
With the help of thermal imaging cameras,
it became apparent that there was fire in the wall
of the ground floor Chester Pike side.
Crews opened up the walls and extinguished
the fire and then ventilated the building.

Building Fire in Tinicum Township

March 30, 2016 6:16pm

RPFD was dispatched to the Wyndham Garden Hotel
in Tinicum Township for a commercial building fire
with reports of fire coming from the roof.
Crews from Company 48 found a fire on the
roof in the area of the ventilation units.
RPFD laddered the building with 07-5 and assisted with
cutting open  the roof with saws and also hooked a line
into  07-5′s ladder pipe to help crews with extinguishment.

Mulch Fire in Ridley Park

March 26, 2016 1:29pm

Spring is coming!  For RPFD one of the first signs of spring
is when the mulch fires start.  RPFD was dispatched
to a mulch fire at the Ridley Park Post Office.
The fire was easily extinguished, but it serves a reminder
to please not toss cigarette butts into landscaping.
Mulch catches fire easily and the fire will spread
(cars have caught fire from mulch fires in parking lots).
Please, use an ashtray.

Gas Leak Outside in Ridley Park

March 21, 2016 12:58pm

RPFD was dispatched to a natural gas leak outside
when a work crew struck a gas main on Cresswell Street.
RPPD notified PECO and the PD and Fire Company
stood by until PECO arrived.  Crews then stood by with
extinguishers  to protect the PECO crew until they were able
to  shut down the gas so they could repair the pipe. 

Gas Leak Outside in Prospect Park

March 15, 2016 12:08pm

RPFD was dispatched with Company 08 to a gas leak outside
after a work crew struck a gas main.  Crews stood by until PECO
was able to get to the location to secure the main.  There was also
a second call during this emergency for an odor of natural gas
in a nearby area that stemmed from this incident.

The Easter Bunny Visits Ridley Park

March 12, 2016 1:00pm


RPFD participated in the Ridley Park Business Association’s
Easter Egg Hunt, once again providing the Easter Bunny
with a fire truck ride to the event.

Working Building Fire in Ridley Park

February 5, 2016  6:33pm

RPFD was dispatched to a building fire in town that was quickly
confirmed to be a working fire in a single family, three story dwelling.
Fire was showing out a second floor window and crews from
07, 08, 12, and 48 worked together to quickly extinguish
the visible fire and then open up second floor
and third floor walls and ceilings, as well as the roof and eaves
on the exterior to expose and extinguish the remainder of the fire
that was traveling along the walls and roofline.  Additional help came from
Milmont, Leedom, Woodlyn, and Vauclain Fire Companies
as well as a RIT team from Holmes.  Thanks to all who responded.

CO Emergency in Ridley Park

January 21, 2016  3:05pm

Companies 07 and 08 were dispatched to a Carbon Monoxide
alarm in Ridley Park.  Crews on scene quickly found high readings
of CO caused by a malfunctioning heater.  Fortunately, the residents
had exited the home immediately after the alarm sounded and did not
require medical attention.  Fire crews shut down the heater and
ventilated the building so the heater could be serviced.

Odor of Smoke in Ridley Park

January 19, 2016  2:38 pm

RPFD was dispatched to an odor of smoke in the
Jones Medical Building at Taylor Hospital.  Crews found a mulch fire
just under the window of the office where the smell was the strongest.
The fire was quickly extinguished and the smell dissipated.
This serves as an opportunity to discuss cigarettes and mulch.
Mulch catches fire easily.  It’s often in landscaping along parking lots
and near building entrances.  Too many people choose to take that last puff and then
flick their cigarettes before getting into or out of a car or before walking into a building.
The cigarette lands in mulch.  The mulch catches fire.  The fire company is called.
Thankfully, in this case, no damage was done other than disrupting work
for a while in the building.  But, this is a waste of time for fire companies
that may distract from other emergencies and mulch fires can lead
to building fires and car fires.  It’s not worth it for a carelessly tossed cigarette.

Tree into House in Ridley Park

January 12, 2016  7:59pm

During high winds, a tree was uprooted and fell
into a house in Ridley Park.  RPFD notified PECO,
code enforcement, the Fire Marshal’s office,
and Borough Management.  The building was evacuated
and declared uninhabitable in its current condition.

Santa’s Visit through Ridley Park

December 24, 2015

Santa made his annual Christmas Eve fire truck ride
through Ridley Park.  As usual, Santa started the day visiting
the residents at Connor Williams Nursing Home and then
hit the streets with his helpers who handed out candy canes
(and dog biscuits).  The residents were in good spirits and
Santa’s helpers didn’t have to worry about the cold for once.
In fact, everyone wore short sleeves and found many residents
sitting outside with neighbors while waiting for Santa’s arrival!

Oven Fire in Ridley Park

December 7, 2015  8:30am

A homeowner used the self-cleaning oven feature
to clean the oven after Thanksgiving, which led to an oven fire.
(Self-cleaning ovens use high heat to burn off residue.
Unfortunately, if anything in the oven has a low flash-point
–the temperature where it will ignite–this leads to fire.
Grease has a low flash point and it coats most ovens.
Self-cleaning ovens lock automatically during the cleaning cycle.
This leads to homeowners facing fires in the oven
with no way to open the doors to put out the fire.
It’s understandably rather scary as it can be very dangerous as well.)
Crews arrived after the grease in the oven burned off and fire had died down.
The fire company pulled the oven away from the wall and
left it plugged in to let it complete the cycle
(since the temperature was now coming down)
and advised the homeowner to call a repairman
to check the oven once the cycle was complete.

Santa’s Business District Visit

December 6, 2015  3:00pm

RPFD picked up Santa at the train station and brought
him to the Business District for his annual visit with
Ridley Park children.  This event, which is hosted by the
Ridley Park Business Association, included complimentary
hot chocolate, pizza, and Santa Hats.  RPFD also held its
$500 Visa Gift Card raffle drawing at the end of the event.

Carbon Monoxide Incident in Ridley Park

November 15, 2015  5:57am

One day after a CO incident resulting from an apartment building heater, crews
responding to another incident at a Ridley Park Apartment building, resulting
from a heater backfire.  Crews found high levels of CO stemming from a
heating system.  After notifying building maintenance of the issue with the heater,
crews vented the buildings, clearing numerous apartments of high levels of CO.

Carbon Monoxide Incident in Ridley Park

November 14, 2015  7:33am

Dispatched to a Carbon Monoxide alarm at Ridley Manor Apartments.
An investigation found a high level of CO in certain parts
of one of the apartment buildings and residents were evacuated.
Further investigation found CO coming from the heating system
and the issue was handed off to the building’s maintenance department.
This serves as a reminder that CO is a concern as everyone begins
turning on their heating systems with the start of cold weather.
Have your heaters serviced regularly and have a reliable
CO alarm in your home (as the residents of this apartment did).

Building Fire in Milmont Park

November 3, 2015  12:20am

Dispatched for a building fire to Della Polla’s Restaurant
in the Milmont Park section for Ridley Township.
The fire was out on Company 7′s arrival and crews
stood by until being returned by 49 Command.

Ridley Park Main Street’s Fall Festival

October 11, 2015  1:00pm

RPFD manned two booths during the Main Street’s Fall Festival,
selling hot dogs, pretzels, and drinks.  This was after a full week of
fire prevention activities that had RPFD members rather worn out.
The day was a success with a great crowd, as always.
Thanks to all who stopped by the RPFD booth.
Hope to see you all again next year.

RPFD Fire Prevention Open House

October 10, 2015 1:00pm

RPFD hosted its annual Fire Prevention Open House.
Activities included crawling low through a smoke house,
learning Fire Safety in the 12th District Fire Safety Trailer,
putting out a “house fire” with a real fire hose, and
practicing putting out a fire with RPFD’s Bullex Fire Extinguisher
Training System.  Prospect Park Fire Company also provided its’
bedroom mockup to help everyone practice escaping a house fire
and provided its “Strike Out Fire” carnival game to win prizes.
There were plenty of giveaways and fire prevention literature.
Attendees were able to get their pictures taken in real fire gear
and Sparky the Dog was on hand to say hi and to handout balloons.
RPFD provided a demonstration on why water and grease fires don’t mix.
And, as always, RPFD provided free refreshments and door prizes.
Thanks to Prospect Park Fire Company and Norwood Fire Company
for providing activities and help for the day.  And thanks to
everyone who attended.  We hope to see you again next year!

Fire Prevention Visit

October 9. 2015  9:00am

RPFD hosted 25 students from
St. James Regional Catholic School’s Pre-K class.

Students reviewed fire safety and then watched a
Sesame Street fire safety video featuring Elmo,

before seeing  a firefighter try on gear.  They then toured the fire trucks before helping
the firefighters put out a house “fire.”   Before leaving everyone received gift packs
from the firefighters as a thank you for their visit.

Fire Prevention Visit

October 9, 2015  10:00am

RPFD hosted 23 students from
St. James Regional Catholic School’s Pre-K class.

Students reviewed fire safety and then watched a
Sesame Street fire safety video featuring Elmo,
before seeing
a firefighter try on gear.  They then toured the fire trucks before helping

the firefighters put out a house “fire.”
Before leaving everyone received gift packs

from the firefighters as a thank you for their visit.

Fire Prevention Visit

October 9, 2015  11:00am

RPFD hosted 19 students from
St. James Regional Catholic School’s 2nd Grade class.

Students reviewed fire safety and then watched
a fire safety video featuring Timon and Pumbaa,

before seeing  a firefighter try on gear.
They then toured the fire trucks before helping

the firefighters put out a house “fire.”
Before leaving everyone received gift packs

from the firefighters as a thank you for their visit.

Prospect Park Fire Company
Fire Prevention Open House

October 8, 2015  7:00pm

RPFD attended PPFD’s Fire Prevention Open House,
helping man the District 12 Fire Safety Trailer as well as
providing RPFD’s Bullex Fire Extinguisher Training System.
As always, Station 08 had a great turnout and provided a
wonderful Open House to its residents.  Another nice job done by
Prospect Park Fire Department’s Fire Prevention Committee!

Fire Prevention Visit

October 8, 2015  10:00am

RPFD hosted 29 students from
St. James Regional Catholic School’s Kindergarten class.

Students reviewed fire safety and then watched a
Sesame Street fire safety video featuring Elmo,

before seeing  a firefighter try on gear.
They then toured the fire trucks before helping

the firefighters put out a house “fire.”
Before leaving everyone received gift packs

from the firefighters as a thank you for their visit.

Fire Prevention Visit

October 8, 2015  8:45am

RPFD hosted 43 students from St. James Regional Catholic School’s 1st Grade class.
Students reviewed fire safety and then watched  a fire safety video before seeing
a firefighter try on gear.  They then toured the fire trucks before helping
the firefighters put out a house “fire.”   Before leaving everyone received gift packs
from the firefighters as a thank you for their visit.

Norwood Fire Company
Fire Prevention Open House

October 7, 2015  7:00pm

RPFD attended Norwood Fire Company’s
Fire Prevention Open House,
  providing RPFD’s Bullex Fire Extinguisher Training System.
 Norwood Fire Company has been building a solid Fire Prevention
program over the years and held another great wonderful Open House
to its residents this year.  With plenty of giveaways and
hands-on activites for all attendees,
any Norwood residents who weren’t able to make it this year
should definitely check out Norwood’s Open House next year!

Fire Prevention Visit

October 7, 2015  1:00pm

RPFD hosted 28 students from St. James Regional Catholic School’s
afternoon kindergarten class.  This class enjoyed the same activities
as the Pre-K class earlier that day (see details below).

Fire Prevention Visit

October 7, 2015  11:00am

RPFD hosted 19 students from St. James Regional Catholic School’s
second grade class.  Students reviewed fire safety and then watched
a fire safety video featuring Timon and Pumbaa.  They then watched
a firefighter try on gear and toured the fire trucks before helping
the firefighters put out a house “fire.”   They then received gift packs
from the firefighters as a thank you for their visit.

Fire Prevention Visit

October 7, 2015  9:00am

RPFD hosted 26 students from St. James Regional Catholic School’s
morning Pre-K.  Students learned about fire safety, saw a firefighter try on gear,
and watched the Sesame Street video, “Elmo Visits the Firehouse.”  Everyone then
took a tour of the fire trucks before helping the firefighters put out a house “fire.”
They then received gift packs from the firefighters as a thank you for the visit. 

Fire Prevention Visit

October 6, 2015  1:15pm

RPFD returned to Lakeview School to visit the 30 students in the
afternoon kindergarten class.  (See the details from the morning visit below.)

Fire Prevention Visit

October 6, 2015  10:30am

RPFD visited Lakeview School’s morning kindergarten class,
where 33 children learned the difference between good fires and bad fires,
watched a firefighter put on gear, and practiced stop, drop, and roll.
Everyone then went outside to see a fire engine before helping the
firefighters put out a house “fire” with a fire hose and then received
gifts packs from the fire company. 

Fire Prevention Visit

October 6, 2015  9:30am

RPFD visited its last class at the Ridley Park Presbyterian Church Pre-K,
teaching 65 more children about fire safety.

Fire Prevention Visit

October 5, 2015, 12:15pm

RPFD members visited the Ridley Park Presbyterian Church Pre-K
afternoon classes, teaching 50 children about fire safety.
(See the details from the morning class visit, shown below.)

Fire Prevention Visit

October 5, 2015, 9:00am

RPFD visited the Ridley Park Presbyterian Church Pre-K
morning classes, teaching 68 children about fire safety.
They watched a firefighter put on gear and an air pack,
learning that firefighters are not scary and that they
should “go to the firefighter” during a fire.
Then, they were able to try on fire gear themselves.
This was all capped off with a trip outside to see the
fire engine and then getting gift packs from RPFD.

Milmont Fire Company Open House

October 4, 2015, 11:00am to 2:00pm

RPFD took its ladder truck to Milmont Fire Company’s Open House,
leaving it open and on display for anyone wanting to see inside.

Home Depot Safety Day

October 3, 2015, 9:00am to 12:00pm

Crews from Ridley Park, Prospect Park, and Norwood Fire Companies
provided fire safety training to families visiting the Home Depot in Ridley Township.
Children who attended the “build your own fire truck” workshop were able
to come outside and go through the 12th District Fire Safety Trailer,
learning home fire safety and how to escape a bedroom during a fire.

Building Fire in Eddystone

September 23, 2015, 6:49am

Dispatched to the chocolate factory in
Eddystone Borough for another building fire.

Crews made quick work of this one and Company 07
stood by before being returned after an hour.

Second Alarm Building Fire in Milmont Park

September 19, 2015, 9:48pm

Company 07 was dispatched on the second alarm to a building fire
in the Milmont Park section of Ridley Township.  Crews went in on a handline
and assisted with salvage and overhaul once the fire was out.

Norwood Borough Community Day

September 19, 2015, 9:00am to 4:00pm

RPFD helped out members of Norwood Fire Company
working together to teach fire safety using the 12th District’s Fire Safety Trailer,
during Norwood Borough’s Community Day.

Animal Rescue in Ridley Park

September 4, 2015, 7:01pm

Company 07 was dispatched to assist the police with a boat
to attempt capturing a goose with fishing line caught around its throat.
Company 07 launched the boat, but the goose went to shore on its own
and was left in the hands of Delaware County Animal Control.

Vehicle Rescue in Tinicum Township

September 4, 2015, 4:23pm

Dispatched to assist Company 48 with a vehicle rescue.
Companies 07 and 08 assisted 48 with various hand tools and equipment
(saw-zall, air whizzer, cribbing, socket wrenches, etc.)
to extricate the victim from the passenger side of his vehicle.
Crews also hung tarps around the scene to obstruct the many spectators
who were attempting to take pictures and videos of the victim’s ordeal.

Gas Leak in Prospect Park

September 3, 2015, 11:27am

Stood by at a gas leak in Prospect Park,
assisting Company 08 with traffic control,
while standing by for PECO’s arrival.
Company 07 then stood by with a dry chemical extinguisher
while PECO shut down the leaking line.

Cooking Fire in Ridley Park

September 1, 2015, 9:26am

Cooking fire in the Borough with significant damage,
plus injuries to the resident who fought the fire
(successfully putting it out prior to fire company arrival).
Company 07 checked for fire extension and ventilated the building
while the injured person was transported to the hospital for treatment.

Vehicle Fire in Ridley Park

July 26, 2015, 5:12am

Early morning car fire in a driveway up a steep hill in Ridley Park.
The vehicle was fully involved, from the engine compartment,
passenger compartment and even into the trunk.

Companies 07 and 08 went into service with a handline,
quickly extinguishing the fire.

Working Building Fire in Ridley Park

July 18, 2015, 10:57pm

Just before 11pm, RPFD was dispatched to a building fire in the borough.
Police went on location and reported smoke showing from the basement.
A crew from Company 48 was at their station and heard the police dispatched,
so they were on the road almost as soon as the fire companies were dispatched.
They went on location and reported a basement fire before leading off with an
inch and three quarter hand line.  Companies 07, 08, 12, and 43
(as well as Ambulance 02 and Medic 102) arrived and went to work with
additional handlines and ventilation of the building.  The initial crew from 48
did a nice job stopping the fire at the basement, so the fire was under control
rather quickly, with crews then able to do overhaul and checking for extension.
All occupants, including two dogs, had gotten out safely,
and the fire crews were able to return home with no injuries.

Our thanks to all assisting companies.  Nice job by all.

Ship Fire in Eddystone

July 13, 2015, 7:10am

DSCN0332  DSCN0341

Companies from the 12th District and Ridley Township were
dispatched to an early morning ship fire at Penn Terminals in Eddystone.
A large cargo ship docked at the terminals had a fire in the engine room,
which, at two full decks in size, was the equivalent of a house fire.
Ventilation was difficult and crews also had to deal with a lot of trapped heat.
The fire was under control within an hour and everyone returned home safely.
Nice job by Eddystone and all other companies on the scene.

Diesel Fuel Spill in Prospect Park

July 7, 2015, 10:17am

Companies 08 and 07 were dispatched to a diesel fuel spill
into Stony Creek in Prospect Park Borough.  Crews followed the spill back to the source,
which turned out to be in Ridley Township, and then followed the spill down the creek to
assess how far the oil had made it downstream.  The County HazMat team and the EPA
were called in as well as apparatus from Folsom Fire Company,
Woodlyn Fire Company, Sharon Hill Fire Company and Eddystone Fire Company.
Crews walked the creek in various areas, placing booms along the way
to trap the fuel from going further downstream.
(Booms are mesh bags that are filled with an oil-absorbing material.)
After four hours of work, and upon using up all of the booms from each department,
the fire companies returned, handing the scene over to the EPA and County Haz-Mat.

Ridley Park’s Annual Fireworks at the Lake

July 5, 2015

RPFD provided the necessary fire protection for
Ridley Park Borough’s fireworks show.
Assisting Company 07 were crews and apparatus from
Prospect Park Fire Company, Tinicum Township Fire Company,
Eddystone Fire Company, and Holmes Fire Company, as well as
ambulances from Tinicum Township and Norwood Fire Companies.
The 12th District Fire Police also performed the thankless job
of traffic control as well as shutting down Ridley Avenue to
cars and pedestrians once the fireworks shells were loaded,
in an effort to keep everyone safe.

They unfortunately had a busy night as pedestrians repeatedly ducked
under fire line tape and past signs telling them that they could go no further.
In the end, however, everyone’s efforts were rewarded
with another great show and everyone was able to go home safe.

Ridley Park Car Show

July 5, 2015

The organizers of the annual Car Show at the Lake once again
welcomed RPFD to sell hot dogs, pretzels, and drinks during the event,
which has proven to be a great fundraiser for the fire company.
Thank you to everyone who supported RPFD with purchases and donations.

Ridley Park Borough’s Independence Day Parade

July 4, 2015

RPFD participated in the Borough’s annual Independence Day Parade
and then had the station open for the festivities afterwards.
There were some early drizzles, but the rain held off long enough
to get all of the events in.  RPFD sold hot dogs and drinks to the crowd,
which is proving the be a great fundraiser each year.
(Thanks to the Ridley Park Recreation Board for its
support in having the Fire Company do those sales and
to everyone who made a purchase or donation!)

Potential Water Rescue in Prospect Park

June 30, 2015, 4:57pm

A heavy, sudden downpour onto an already-saturated ground
and roads with clogged drains from previous storms made for
fast-rising waters at the Amtrak bridge on Route 420 in Prospect Park.
Two motorists became stranded in the high waters and
Companies 08 and 07 were called in for a water rescue.
All occupants extricated themselves to dry ground prior to
fire company arrival, so crews stood by to keep the area clear.
A crew from Company 08 ventured into the water to clear the
storm drains, which helped bring down the water level
and a tow truck was able to remove the vehicles.

Tinicum Township Fireworks

June 28, 2015

RPFD assisted Company 48 along with other 12th District
and Ridley Township Companies. standing by to provide the
necessary fire protection for the Township’s annual fireworks.
Rain the previous day moved the event to Sunday night.
The fireworks were also in a new location,
set off from a barge on the Delaware River.
Thanks to the new location, crews never had to go
into service since all embers fell into the water.

Milmont Fire Company Independence Day Parade

June 28, 2015

Milmont Fire Company got an early jump on 4th of July festivities
with a bike parade that included Ridley Township
and 12th District Fire Companies,
There was a barbecue celebration with prizes afterwards.
A good time was had by all!

Wires, Wires, and More Wires

June 23, 2015 starting at 6:10pm

As everyone in Delaware County knows, a sudden storm
with high winds blew through the area, taking out numerous trees.
Those trees, in turn, took out a lot of homes, cars,
and, especially, wires, as well as blocking roadways.

PECO was overwhelmed and unable to be in so many places at once.
The most fire companies could do was to report any issues
with wires or power outages to be added to PECO’s list.

In Ridley Park, the fire company, police department, and
highway department tag-teamed all of the wires and
trees-down calls, in an effort to remove hazards, open roads,
notify PECO of problem areas, and ensure public safety.

(Ensuring public safety is generally getting pedestrians to
not walk out under wire hazards to see what is going on.
Please, stay safe during this type of emergency
and stay away from downed or sparking wires.)

Hopefully, this storm will help serve as a reminder for why
trees need regularly trimming back from power lines.
Power lines don’t generally just snap during storms.
The danger comes from trees blowing into wires
or branches falling onto them.
The shade trees in Ridley Park are beautiful,
but if not maintained with safety in mind,
they become dangerous and cause a lot of costly damage.

Prospect Park Borough Fireworks

June 13, 2015

RPFD assisted Company 08 along with other 12th District companies,
standing by at the Borough’s annual Fireworks show.
Aside from laddering a couple roofs to check for stray embers,
crews didn’t have to go into service since the winds
cooperated throughout the show and spectators were
able to enjoy a well-done and safe display.

Eddystone Borough Memorial Day Parade

May 24, 2015  Noon

RPFD participated in Eddystone Borough’s annual Memorial Day Parade.
It was another great turnout for Eddystone,
whose residents always show great community spirit!

Eddystone Borough Memorial Day Fireworks

May 24, 2015  Dusk

RPFD returned to Eddystone Borough, along with the rest of the 12th District
and other area Fire Companies to assist Eddystone FC with the
necessary fire protection standby for its annual fireworks.
It was a successful show: not only crowd-pleasing,
but with no issues from falling embers and RPFD
was able to return home without having to go into service.

Smoke Investigation in Prospect Park

May 24, 2015  1:48am

Companies 08 and 07 were dispatched for a smoke investigation
in Prospect Park.   Crews found a smoldering fire pit on an adjacent block
that was releasing smoke into the area.   The homeowners believed that they
had extinguished the fire and had gone to bed.  This is a very common call
this time of year that sends firefighters walking up and down streets,
peering into backyards in the middle of the night to find the fire pit that’s still burning.

Please, if you must use a fire pit,
make sure it is completely soaked and extinguished before you leave it for the night.

Gas Leak Outside in Ridley Park

May 7, 2015 12:36pm

Utility workers struck a gas main while digging on East Bel Air Circle,
causing a leak from the struck main.  Crews evacuated all the homes on the
cul-de-sac and stood by until PECO arrived to shut off the gas and repair the main.

Kitchen Fire in Prospect Park

April 13, 2015  3:26am

RPFD was dispatched to a kitchen fire in Prospect Park.
Police on location reported a fire on the stove that the homeowner
had extinguished with a fire extinguisher.  There was still decent damage
and crews checked for extension and removed burned debris before returning.

Ridley Park Athletic Club’s
Softball / Baseball
Opening Day Parade

April 11, 2015

ScreenHunter_466 Apr. 17 01.28

RPFD participated in RPAC’s annual parade
to open its softball and baseball season.

Good luck this year to all of Ridley Park’s teams!

Car Carrier Fire on I-95

April 2, 2015   6:26am

Companies 07 and 08 were dispatched to I-95 to assist
Tinicum Township Fire Company with a car carrier fire.
The engines from both companies shuttled much-needed water
to Company 48 until the fire was brought under control.

Building Fire in Darby Township

March 30, 2015  7:54pm

ScreenHunter_468 Apr. 17 01.50

RPFD was dispatched for its light tower to assist
Company 76 with extensive overhaul at a fatal fire.

Easter Egg Hunt

March 27, 2015

ScreenHunter_439 Mar. 28 23.18

The Ridley Park Business Association
hosted young residents at its annual Easter Egg Hunt.

As always, RPFD delivered the Easter Bunny to the event on its Engine.

Accident with Injuries in Prospect Park

March 23, 2015 3:49pm

ScreenHunter_440 Mar. 28 23.33          ScreenHunter_441 Mar. 28 23.33

Companies 08 and 07 were dispatched for an accident in Prospect Park
with the vehicle reported to be on fire.  Crews found that the driver of the vehicle
had a medical emergency and had driven his van into the his garage door,
causing some damage to the structure.  The front left tire was smoking
(which accounted for the reports of fire) and crews were able to cool it down
with a pressurized water extinguisher while medical personnel attended to the driver.

Accident with Injuries / Vehicle into a Pole

December 24, 2014  7:29pm

RPFD had just one more call before Christmas,
which also turned out to be the last call for the year.

This was a vehicle into a pole on Chester Pike in Prospect Park.
After doing some clean up at the scene,
the crews returned home and the firefighters from RPFD
were able to enjoy a quiet holiday, which was greatly appreciated.

Santa Claus Visits Ridley Park

December 24, 2014

ScreenHunter_366 Jan. 02 02.53     ScreenHunter_365 Jan. 02 02.52

Just a few hours after getting home from the fire in Prospect Park,
some very sleepy firefighters joined Santa on his Christmas Eve practice run
through the streets of Ridley Park after his annual visit
to the residents of Connor Williams Nursing Home.
The rain didn’t dampen the spirits of our residents
(although it did manage to drench both Santa and his helpers!).

Thank you to everyone who came out to see Santa
and to collect your candy canes.
We also appreciate all the kind words
(and donations and cookies!) we received throughout the day.

Hopefully we helped you all enjoy your holidays!

Garage Fire with Exposures in Prospect Park

December 24, 2014, 3:36am


Early morning Christmas Eve fire in the 800 block of 8th Avenue in Prospect Park.
One garage was fully involved, the fire had spread to the garage next to it,
and was threatening to spread to the house as well.
Crews quickly extinguished the fire before it could spread any further
and were also able to save the second garage.

Santa Claus’ Visit to the Business District

December 7th, 3pm

The Ridley Park Train Station
and Business District

ScreenHunter_237 Dec. 07 17.31

This annual event is always courtesy of the
Ridley Park Business Association

Santa arrived at the Ridley Park train station just after 3pm
and climbed onto the ladder truck for his
yearly ride into the business district.
Every one had a chance to visit with Santa
and to enjoy the free 
music, food, and activities
(courtesy of the RP Business Association).

RPFD stayed on hand, selling the last tickets
for its Holiday Raffle for a $500 Visa Gift Card.
Santa pulled the winning ticket at the end of the event.

Thank you to everyone who participated
and good luck again next year!

Accident with Injuries

November 9, 2014, 4:56 am

Dispatched to an accident on Swarthmore Ave. with the vehicle possibly on fire.
There was no fire — just steam from the engine – 
and crews cleaned up after the accident before returning.

Carbon Monoxide Emergency

November 6, 2014, 10:51pm

Dispatched for a Carbon Monoxide Alarm sounding in a home in Ridley Park.
Crews found elevated levels of CO in the residence and called in PECO,
who shut down and “red-tagged” the home’s heater and hot water heater.
The homeowners were able to spend the night with a relative
while making arrangements to have their appliances serviced.

This serves as a reminder to our residents to have working
CO Detectors in their homes,
especially during the Winter months.
The levels found in this home were low enough that the
were not yet feeling the effects from the CO.
However, living with those levels all winter would have seriously sickened the residents.
This early alert from their CO Detector probably saved their lives.

Christ Church Sunday School

October 26, 2014

A crew visited Ridley Park’s Christ Church with the
12th District Fire Prevention Trailer to provide fire safety education.

Ridley Park Business Association’s
Halloween Parade

October 25, 2014

A crew attended the Business Association’s Halloween Parade in
Veterans’ Park to sell Raffle Tickets for the $500 Visa Holiday Gift Card.
Thanks to everyone who supported us and good luck in the drawing!

Yeadon Fire Company Open House

October 17, 2014

RPFD members provided the 12th District Fire Safety Trailer,
teaching home fire and cooking safety and then helping attendees practice
escaping out of a bedroom window in the event of a late-night house fire.

Folcroft Fire Company Open House

October 14, 2014

RPFD split its crew with half its members providing fire extinguisher
training on our Bullex Training System and the other half,
working with Norwood Fire Company, to provide classes in
the 12th District Fire Safety Trailer.  Attendees through the trailer learned
about home fire and cooking safety before practicing
escaping a house fire from a bedroom window.

Ridley Park Main Street’s Fall Festival

October 12, 2014

This is always a rough day for RPFD, since it falls in the middle
of fire prevention activities and most members are drained.
Still, RPFD manned two booths, selling hot dogs, drinks, Holiday Raffle Tickets,
and Discount Cards to Local Businesses.  Members also stood by to respond
to fire calls with apparatus a block away.  Thankfully, this year there was just one call.
Members also worked with the ambulance crew that stood by
on site to call in medical emergencies as needed.
The weather was great and the fundraising went well for RPFD.
Thank you to all who stopped by the RPFD booths
to help support your local volunteer fire company!

RPFD Fire Prevention Open House
October 11, 2014

ScreenHunter_213 Oct. 25 00.07

The weather wasn’t the best, but many braved the cold and rainy day
to visit the firehouse and no one seemed disappointed!
Those who attended were able to learn how to crawl low through smoke
and escape a fire through a bedroom mock-up (provided by Prospect Park Fire Company),
a child-sized smoke house, as well as the 12th District Fire Safety Trailer.

Everyone was also able to use a real fire hose to put out a “house fire”
plus learn how to use a fire extinguisher on a live fire with our Bullex training system.
Sparky was on hand to visit everyone and to hand out balloons.
There were free refreshments, giveaways, fire prevention literature,
and door prizes (always popular!)  As always, there were displays to see
and the fire trucks were open to visitors.
We also provided free framed pictures of children in actual fire gear. 

Mark your calendars: our Open House for 2015 will be on October 10th.
We look forward to seeing you again next year!

Prospect Park Fire Company Open House

October 9, 2014

Prospect Park Fire Company has a great fire prevention program
and attendance was at its usual high at their Open House.
RPFD was on hand providing our ladder truck as well as
fire extinguisher training on our Bullex Training system.

Norwood Fire Company Open House

October 8, 2014


This was Norwood Fire Company’s first Open House at their new station.
Attendance was high and the station looked great.
RPFD was on hand providing fire extinguisher training with our Bullex Training System.

Fire Prevention Week

October 5th through October 11th

RPFD hosted or visited just under 500 students in the Ridley Park Borough,
teaching Fire Prevention.  If your child’s class is in a school
within the Ridley Park Borough 
and was not involved,
please talk to your child’s school and/or teacher.

RPFD does not turn away any class within the Borough.

Train Fire at Ridley Park Train Station

October 7, 2014

Many residents saw the stopped train with the police and fire department on the
East Ridley side of the train station and have been curious about the situation.
There was an electrical issue with the train, which made it necessary to stop
at the Ridley Park station.  Septa crews were able to handle the problem,
but had the fire department stand by in case things got out of hand.
Once Septa had everything under control, RPFD was able to return
to the station without ever having to go into service.

Accident with Injuries in Prospect Park

September 29, 2014

While crews were at the station cleaning up after returning
from the working building fire in Ridley Township (see below),
Company 07 was dispatched along with Company 08
to an accident with injuries in Prospect Park.
The crews from Prospect Park found a minor accident and
Company 07 returned shortly after arriving on the scene.

Working Building Fire in Folsom, Ridley Township

September 29, 2014, 3:32pm

Company 07 was dispatched into Ridley Township to assist
on a building fire
that was quickly confirmed to be working.
Interior crews made a quick knock down on the fire in the basement.
The crew from 07-5 pulled a line to the back door
and assisted with overhaul and ventilation.

Accident with Injuries in Prospect Park

September 29, 2014, 10:15am

This was the first call of what turned out to be a busy day for Company 07.
RPFD assisted Prospect Park on an accident with injuries. 

Main Streets of Ridley Park’s
Rubber Ducky Regatta

September 14, 2014

A crew from RPFD utilized a handline to provide a current in the lake
for the Main Streets of Ridley Park’s Rubber Duck Regatta fundraiser.

Ridley Park Victorian Fair

September 6, 2014

RPFD manned a booth to do some fundraising, selling drinks, soft pretzels,
its Discount Card to Local Businesses
as well as raffle tickets for a chance to win a $500 Visa Gift Card. 

A crew also stood by with Marine 7 to assist with any safety issues from the paddleboats.

Thank you to everyone who stopped by our booth!

Working Building Fire in Eddystone

September 2, 2014

Crews were again dispatched to a working building fire
at the cocoa processing plant in Eddystone Borough.

With an active fire on the roof of the plant, Ladder 48 went into service
with the pipeline and most of the fire attack stayed exterior.
The crew from Company 7 stood by until being diverted to an automatic fire alarm
in an apartment building in Ridley Park Borough.

Fuel Spill with Complications in Prospect Park

August 9, 2014

The dispatch was to Prospect Park for a fuel spill.
Company 08 arrived on location to discover that the fuel
was spilling from an occupied vehicle
hanging over
an embankment leading down to Septa / Amtrak tracks.

Crews stabilized the vehicle and helped the driver out of the vehicle,
then stood by on a handline for possible fire suppression
until a tow truck was able to pull the van up to haul it away.
Crews then provided clean up and cleared the scene.

Working Building Fire in Prospect Park

August 5, 2014, 4:15am


Basement fire with a quick knock-down, no one inside,
and all firefighters home safe in the end.

Wires, Wires, and More Wires

July 8 and 9, 2014

Thanks to high winds from storms in the area, Ridley Park, as well as most of Delaware County, had numerous emergencies involving wires (and trees down into wires).  There were also many power outages in the area.

Why doesn’t the Fire Company put out the fires you see on the poles / transformers?

It would electrocute the firefighter. 

When everything is still energized, squirting a hose at the fire would give the electricity a direct line right back down to the person holding the hose. All we can do is keep the area clear and wait for PECO to arrive.

Please, make our job easier.

If there’s an emergency involving wires in your neighborhood, just stay inside. It’s understandable that everyone wants to see what’s going on, but too many people walk right into the danger zone and under the wires that are about to fall (while still live!!) so they can look up to see the fire on the pole. That forces us to walk into the danger zone to ask the people to move. Those of us who have seen power lines drop have no desire to see it happen again (especially up close).   So please, keep your distance and don’t ignore any barricades and caution tape meant to keep you out of the area.
We’re trying to keep us all safe.

Ridley Park’s Independence Day Fireworks at the Lake

July 5, 2014

RPFD provided the necessary fire protection at Ridley Park’s annual fireworks display. It was a great show and everyone went home safe. Thank you to all the citizens who cooperated by staying out of the designated danger zones. Also, a special thanks to the Kennedy, Micarelli, and Hanlon families who always provide food, water, and facilities to the fire crews standing by in front of their houses each year. Thanks too to Prospect Park, Holmes, Eddystone, and Tinicum Township Fire Companies, Norwood and Tinicum Township Ambulances, and the 12th District Fire Police for assisting RPFD with this standby. (It takes a lot of work and cooperation within the emergency services for communities to be able to enjoy these fireworks shows!)

Ridley Park’s Annual Car Show

July 5, 2014

After the parade was moved to July 5th due to the weather, RPFD had to do double duty, splitting off a crew to set up a second hot dog, pretzel, and drink booth at the annual car show at the lake. Once again, the crowd was great and it was a perfect day for sitting alongside the water. Thanks to everyone who made a purchase and / or left a donation!

Independence Day Parade

July 5, 2014

RPFD took part in Ridley Park’s annual holiday celebrations and then sold hot dogs and drinks during all of the games. It was a beautiful day with a nice crowd full of great looking floats and decorated bikes. Thank you to everyone who participated and purchased refreshments from us and thanks to all who left donations as well!

Fireworks Standby in Tinicum Township

June 28, 2014

RPFD provided a crew to help Tinicum Township Fire Company
provide the fire protection at their annual fireworks display.

Cooking Fire in a Ridley Park Apartment on Chester Pike

June 20, 2014

It was just a cooking fire and was out before the fire company arrived, but the smoke was heavy and residents in other apartments understandably thought their building was on fire.   Once it was confirmed that the fire was out, Tinicum Township, Holmes, and Eddystone Fire Companies  were returned while Ridley Park and Prospect Park stayed at the scene to ventilate the building. Good job to the residents who called 9-1-1 and quickly evacuated the building after finding their halls filled with smoke.  Ridley Park Police provided valuable assistance, making entry into the apartment with the forgotten cooking to alert the sleeping resident to the emergency and get him out of the building as well.

Accident in Prospect Park and Farmer’s Market

June 19, 2014

While setting up for the Borough’s first Farmer’s Market, crews were dispatched to Prospect Park to assist with a motor vehicle accident. Initial reports of multiple entrapments proved unfounded and Company 07 assisted Company 08  with clean up, leaving the engine behind while the Rescue crew was able to get back to the station to start its fundraising at the market.

Hopefully the call served as a reminder to everyone who enjoys the Farmer’s Market that the Fire Company is still in service and needs the ramp and parking area clear for that reason. Just remember, when the siren blows, there’s an emergency somewhere and firefighters will be arriving at the station in their cars and apparatus will be driving out of the station. Please help us keep things safe by watching your surroundings in front of the station and keeping a firm hold of your children.

Fireworks Standby in Prospect Park

June 14, 2014

RPFD provided a crew to help Prospect Park Fire Company provide fire protection at their annual fireworks display.

A Busy Day Standing by for PECO

June 9, 2014

Companies 07 and 08 were dispatched at 7:57am to a call for wires burning on a PECO pole on Sellers Avenue in Ridley Park. RPFD stood by at the scene keeping the area clear of pedestrians while waiting for PECO. (Please, remember that when there is an emergency involving wires, walking out under those wires to see the fire is not safe–eventually the live wires will come down!) At 9:37am, Companies 07 and 08 were then dispatched to a natural gas leak on Free Street where a work crew at that location had struck a PECO gas line causing a significant gas leak. The engine then responded to this second emergency. While waiting for PECO, Crews from 07 and 08 evacuated the residents on Free Street while Ridley Park Police notified the nearby schools (who were scheduled for an early dismissal  for the end of the year) to keep students inside until the area was clear. While at the gas leak emergency, there were multiple calls to 9-1-1 regarding the original PECO pole fire. PECO’s gas crews arrived to take care of the gas leak, residents were able to return to their homes, and the schools were able to dismiss at their scheduled time. Company 07 then returned to Sellers Avenue to continue standing by for PECO power line crew. PECO arrived and Company 07 was able to return to the station at 10:30am with everyone safe in the end. Thanks to Prospect Park Fire Company for assisting with these emergencies!

Retirement Dinner for Walt Lee

June 6, 2014

ScreenHunter_95 Jul. 07 04.27

RPFD provided one half of the arch to greet Walt Lee as he arrived at his retirement dinner. Walt served as Fire Chief of Tinicum Township after 35 years in that position. (He was Chief of Essington Fire Company before it merged with Lester Fire Company to form Tinicum Township FD). Walt joined the fire service 44 years ago and his involvement has never waivered. He’s provided great support over the years to the members of RPFD and we all wish him well.

Drill Night at Ridley Park Swim Club

June 5, 2014

The weekly drill night for RPFD on this week was held at the Ridley Park Swim Club. This is an annual drill by the Fire Company where crews are able to practice wearing the special cold weather suits the fire company will use during cold water emergencies (such as responding to a victim through the ice at the lake in the winter). Wearing these suits in the water takes a lot of getting used to and can even cause issues with claustrophobia in anyone who isn’t familiar with them, so this drill is a great opportunity for the needed familiarization. Crews also practiced deploying a filled airhose that’s dedicated for water rescue as well as rescue rope that’s designed to pull victims (or fellow firefighters) to shore.

A great thanks to the Ridley Park Swim Club for providing its facilities each year to RPFD for this drill!

Car in the Lake

June 1, 2014

The rising sun revealed that a vehicle had gone into the lake sometime during the night. The RPFD crew provided its boat to access the vehicle, confirming that no one was inside, and then assisted the tow truck by attaching the hook for pulling the car out.

Brush Fire by Ridley Train Station

May 25, 2014

Embers were minimal at Eddystone’s Fireworks and the crew from Ridley Park did not need to go to work. Instead, just as RPFD was clearing the standby at Eddystone, the company (along with Company 08) were dispatched to a brush fire along the train tracks in Ridley Park. Crews quickly extinguished that fire and were able to return to the station after a long night.

Eddystone Memorial Day Fireworks

May 25, 2014

ScreenHunter_96 Jul. 07 04.29

RPFD provided a crew to Eddystone Fire Company to help provide the fire protection at their annual fireworks display. 

Eddystone Memorial Day Parade

May 25, 2014

RPFD participated in Eddystone’s annual Memorial Day Parade. The Borough had its usual large crowds out all along the parade route to celebrate the holiday.

Eddystone Fire Company Housing Parade and Building Dedication

May 17, 2014

ScreenHunter_88 May. 17 16.49      ScreenHunter_89 May. 17 17.03

Ridley Park joined in Eddystone Fire Company’s building dedication and housing parade.  Congratulations to Company 12! The new station looks great and we hope you enjoy it!

Ridley Park Police Community Day and Open House

May 3, 2014

ScreenHunter_87 May. 03 18.54     ScreenHunter_88 May. 03 18.56

RPFD provided the 12th District Fire Safety Trailer for Ridley Park Police Department’s annual Open House event. Visitors learned fire safety in the kitchen and practiced escaping out of a smoke-filled bedroom.

Working Building Fire in Tinicum Township

April 18, 2014

  IMG_5741     IMG_3907       DSCN0238

Companies were dispatched to Tinicum Township shortly after midnight for smoke coming from a residence at the corner of 4th and N Governor Printz Blvd, which was quickly confirmed as a working building fire.  The building was vacant and well involved, so crews immediately went into defensive operations and protected the exposures. Company 48 deployed handlines, a blitz gun, and the ladder pipe, making a quick knockdown.  07-5 went into ladder pipe operations, supplied by 12-1 and Engine 08. Crews were in service for nearly three hours.

Accident w/ Injuries in Prospect Park

April 17, 2014

Dispatched at 10:22pm for an MVA with injuries on Lincoln Avenue in Prospect Park.  Crews assisted with clean up of the three vehicle accident.

Crozer/DCCC Medic School Rescue Weekend

April 12, 2014

Rescue Weekend 2014

A busy Saturday for RPFD….  While some members remained in town for community events (see below),  others went to the Delaware County Fire School to participate in the Rescue portion of Crozer/DCCC Medic School.  Instructors staged mock rescues where firefighters provided the rescue work while training paramedics practiced working with the fire department as well as assessing and prioritizing patients in the chaos of an accident scene.

Easter Bunny Visits Ridley Park

April 12, 2014

Easter Bunny 2014

The Easter Bunny arrived in style for the Ridley Park Business Association’s annual Easter Egg Hunt.

RPAC Opens its 2014 Baseball and Softball Season

April 12, 2014

RPAC 2014 Parade

RPFD led the Parade that kicked off RPAC’s Opening Day Parade.

Vehicle Fire with Exposure

April 5, 2014

Dispatched just after 4 AM to a vehicle fire behind the Prospect Park Borough building where police on location reported exposure to the Diesel Fuel tank next to the building. Ridley Park assisted Company 8 with water supply and clean up. Crews were in service for about an hour and a half.

Training Class: Emergency Response to Rail Incidents

March 29, 2014


DSCN0143         DSCN0132

Ridley Park Firefighters recently attended a Saturday class provided by several companies including CSX, Conrail, and Eddystone Rail Company. This class provided an overview of how to respond to a rail emergency as well as contact information for the various agencies available to the fire service when such emergencies arise. Firefighters attended a morning classroom session and then toured actual railcars designed specifically to train first responders.

Working Fire in Prospect Park

March 5, 2014

Dispatched at 09:46 for a working building fire with entrapment on Lincoln Avenue.  Crews from 07 assisted with protection of the rear exposure buildings.

Working Fire in Eddystone

February 25, 2014

Chocolate Factory Silo2                           Chocolate Factory Silo

Dispatched at 3:13am to assist Company 12 for the working building fire at the cocoa processing plant on Industrial Highway in Eddystone.

MVA with Injuries and Wires Down in Prospect Park

February 25, 2014

Dispatched just after midnight to assist Company 08 at Lincoln and 14th Avenues for a vehicle accident with a PECO pole snapped and wires down.   Crews helped with traffic control and blocked off the area from pedestrians while waiting for PECO. 

Fire Service Education at Buxmont Academy

January 14, 2014


Firefighters visited Buxmont Academy in Woodlyn to talk to the students about the fire service as well as fire safety.  Students learned about both paid and volunteer fire departments, toured a fire engine, and explored the various tools, equipment, and gear that firefighters use.

Santa Visits Ridley Park

December 24, 2013

Santa made his annual Christmas Eve ride through Ridley Park.  Children who came out to greet Santa received candy canes (and friendly dogs received biscuits as well).

Santa also visited residents of Connor Williams Nursing Home and Taylor Hospice  to deliver cookies and holiday cheer.

Carbon Monoxide Emergency due to a Malfunctioning Heater

December 8, 2013

Crews responded to a call for a smoke detector activation.  Police on location discovered a misfiring heater and shut down the unit.  Fire crews checked the home with CO detectors and found hazardous levels throughout the home,  which was then evacuated and ventilated.  The homeowner was transported to the hospital to be treated for CO poisoning.

This serves as a reminder that we are in the time of year for Carbon Monoxide emergencies,  with homes closed up tight against the cold and heaters and fireplaces in full use.

Smoke Investigation leads to a Garage Fire

November 27, 2013

A call came in at 7:34am for an investigation of smoke in the area of West Ridley Avenue and Crum Lynn Road.  After 07-9 arrived on location he found smoke in the area and then investigated to find fire showing from a detached garage in the rear of a home on West Ridley.  He upgraded to a building assignment and crews arrived, made entry into the garage and then quickly extinguished the fire with two 1″ 3/4 hand lines.  Luckily, the garage was not in use and was empty.

Fire Extinguisher Training at Interboro High School

November 5, 2013

DSC_0102  DSC_0092

A crew from Ridley Park assisted Prospect Park Fire Company in training Interboro High School’s food service workers on the proper use of fire extinguishers. Following a slide presentation by Prospect Park, the workers came outside for some hands-on practice with live fire on Ridley Park’s Bullex Fire Extinguisher Training System.

Accident with Entrapment

October 30th, 1:10am

Dispatched with Company 08 to 4th and Lincoln Avenues in Prospect Park for an MVA with entrapment. Arriving crews found a vehicle accident with the vehicle into a pole and one entrapped. Crews performed a quick door removal, windshield removal, and dashboard lift, as well as scene cleanup/hazard removal.